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Bianca D. McCall


In her TEDxTalk, subject matter expert, Bianca D. McCall, LMFT- who is a retired professional women’s basketball player and suicide survivor, shares her experiences as an elite athlete and the incredible pressures and stress which almost took her life.

She delivers a powerful message from the viewpoints of the athlete with a story which resonates with so many of her peers, active and retired who compete against the pressures, stress, and mental health challenges leading to the suicide crisis affecting 1 and 6 of your athletes right now. 

Bianca is a Licensed Clinical Therapist, 11years a healthcare CEO, with 25 years professional expertise in the behavioral health space specialized in suicide prevention.

This Talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by TEDxWilmington- the largest in the U.S.